Lopud Island, Dalmatian Coast, Croatia
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" We slept in a monastery on the first night, fired our guide on day two. Our trek through Myanmar’s Shan State was turning out even more unstructured than we had planned. "

Acer Palmatum

President Obama said Russian President Vladimir Putin had “direct responsibility” to help with the investigation and aftermath of the tragic plane crash, which claimed the lives of all 298 people on board. European leaders are discussing new tough measures on Russia, which will likely come in the form of new sanctions.

But does that really punish Putin? Europe’s ultimate dependence on Russia as a market and key source of energy means its bark is often worse than its bite. And by all accounts, Putin appears to be hardening his own position, fueled by record approval ratings at home.

So now, some are venturing a new line of attack: depriving Russia of the privilege of hosting the 2018 soccer World Cup.

“… and little tribelettes of artists and writers huddled around tables trying not to make eye contact with almost everybody else and dreaming of the pictures they could paint or the stories they could tell if only they had more time”
“The voice went on, as though speaking to hear itself, an effect Brando’s speech often has, for, like many persons who are intensely self-absorbed, he is something of a monologuist—a fact that he recognizes and for which he offers his own explanation. “People around me never say anything,” he says. “They just seem to want to hear what I have to say. That’s why I do all the talking.””
The Duke in His Domain - The New Yorker (Truman Capote’s 1957 profile of Marlon Brando)

Jeu de pétanque
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““The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything.” - Warren Buffett”

So much of people’s understanding of the world comes from a visual processing of it. And we aren’t always aware of the extent to which we adopt the frames and contexts we’ve already seen. The proliferation of digital cameras and networked photo sharing has only increased this sort of contextual mimicry—surely by now you’ve seen photographs in which everyone is jumping a few feet off the ground, or the tips of a person’s Chuck Taylors peeking into the bottom of the frame of an image taken with a camera pointed at the sidewalk.

How we choose to capture the places we encounter has as much to do with the people who have been there before as it does with our own experience of a place. And much of the time, people end up forcing an impression of an impression on a place—an idea they already had when they arrived—that may or may not reveal what the place is actually like at all.

“Now that we’ve spent a weekend with hotel-grade Prosecco and consumer-grade explosives, it’s time to look at spreadsheets and dance. Below is a Spotify playlist of fifty songs from 2014 that I love.”

Thanks to Brendan, Imane, and the whole family for a beautiful ftour dinner by the sea!
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When Of Golden Visions frontman Mike Title recently visited the Berber city of Tiznit, in southern Morocco, he met a charismatic man named Mourad Aamri, who, on seeing Title’s camera, asked him if he was a film-maker – Aamri wanted to be a movie star. Aamri ended up loaning his larger-than-life presence and insistent flow to this South African house music-inspired track/promo by OGV (a project of Title and LV’s Will Horrocks). Along with Younis Jackson and Marion Ravel, they collaborated on this track and an accompanying film that captures Aamri’s rich inner life but also some of his loneliness. Title wanted to show Aamri’s day-to-day life, which seemed to involve wandering round the maze-like city, and says: “We seemed to get more and more into a loop: it helped with writing the song.” Aamri reportedly loves the video, but was disappointed Title didn’t include scenes featuring motorbikes into the finished product – even though they didn’t film any.

(Source: The Guardian)